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Welcome to Alligator Soul

Recognized among the best Savannah restaurants, Alligator Soul was founded in 2003 by Chef Hilary and Maureen Craig and quickly became known as a romantic and elegant downtown dining destination. Personal touches matter to restaurateur Maureen Craig, Executive Chef Stephen McLain and the Alligator Soul staff. Each unwraps and showcases the art of unpretentious fine dining at its best, making each guest feel special. Come…eat, drink and relax your soul!

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Fine Dining In Downtown Savannah

Alligator Soul restaurant is the answer to the question, “Where is the best place to dine while in Savannah?” The downtown restaurant is consistently recommended among the upscale restaurants selected by Savannah’s most discerning citizens and travelers. Our local restaurant is known for organic, fresh, natural, dayboat, local and regional fare with additional emphasis placed on humanely treated animals; starting with our organic made cocktails through to our pastry chefs in house made desserts.

Our Menus

Alligator Soul is known for eclectic Southern dining with a seasonal menu that utilizes farm-fresh ingredients, local day boat fish and grass fed meat. Your full service experience begins with fresh cocktails and continues through the evening with in house made desserts. View our menus below.


114 Barnard St | Savannah, GA 31401-3277 | (912) 232-7899

Find Alligator Soul Restaurant | 114 Barnard St Savannah, GA 31401

Alligator Soul will be Closed the Following Days:

Christmas Day
New Years Day
12/27/2014 Closed For Private Party

The Alligator Soul Blog

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Savannah Music Festival | March 24th – April 9th

Savannah Music Festival | March 24th – April 9th

The Savannah Music Festival, established in 1989, is a massive celebration of the musical arts that runs for two whole weeks. It attracts thousands of tourists and locals every year and just keeps growing. This year you can enjoy over a hundred different productions from March 24th to April 9th in downtown Savannah, Georgia.

“It just keeps getting better and better. A marathon of world-class music.”
Connect Savannah

No matter what genre of music appeals to you, you’re bound to discover something wonderful on your Savannah Music Festival adventure. Soak in the variety music, take in the antebellum charm as you make your way through the historic riverside city and find yourself on 114 Barnard Street at Alligator Soul restaurant. Let us help you relax after a long day with an organic cocktail or savory dish.

Our below-ground restaurant has offered a comforting atmosphere for people exploring Savannah to decompress and refuel for over a decade. Sit at the bar and salute to the Savannah Music Festival or dine with us and enjoy some of the best food and hospitality you’ve ever had.

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Organic, Non-GMO, Local, Fresh Food in Savannah, GA

Organic, Non-GMO, Local, Fresh Food in Savannah, GA

Locally sourcing ingredients means a greater freshness and higher quality product. Alligator Soul prides itself on the beautiful relationships it has with local and regional farmers and food purveyors.

Family Farms, like Savannah River Farms, are leading the way when it comes to offering non-GMO meats made from humanely treated animals that are raised on healthy, all-natural diets. Savannah River Farms is dedicated to making natural meat available to local businesses and their efforts make it possible for Alligator Soul to supply patrons with top quality pork, fowl and beef. See some amazing Grass Fed choices on the Dinner Menu.

Executive Chef Stephen McLain handselects Farmers Market vegetables, fresh fish and other local ingredients. The restaurant makes a point of working together with purveyors to ensure only the best quality foods are being served.

It’s a beautiful thing to know you can treat your body with food that has been cared for, from the source to the plate at Alligator Soul.

Joseph Field Farms on John’s Island in SC supplies the restaurant with seasonal fruit and vegetables and is Certified Organic. Joseph has been delivering fresh produce to Alliagtor Soul for years, contributing to what makes the restaurant one-of-a-kind. Other food purveyors that bring amazing items and ingredients to the Alligator Soul kitchen are Kachina Farms, Blue Marlin, Georgia Buffalo and Walker Farms.

Each one adds to the melting pot of ingredients the Alligator Soul kitchen uses. If you’re in the mood to try something wild, be sure to look over the Wild & Adventurous section of the Dinner Menu, which features exotic meats like Elk, Kangaroo, Rattlesnake, Wild Boar and more! Each time you visit, you are able to add to your palette and explore the many unique tastes found in the dishes served at Alligator Soul.

Chef Stephen McLain and the Alligator Soul team work together as new items are revealed and served to excited guests. He makes a point of educating the staff on each dish from top to bottom, giving each staff member the ability to paint the picture perfectly for guests. Literally each dish and every ingredient has a story to tell. Make your way to Alligator Soul in downtown Savannah, Georgia, and treat yourself to a fine-dining experience to remember.

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